Green Shadow Cabinet Members

Photo Name Title Branch
Patch Adams Assistant Secretary of Health for Holistic Health General Welfare
Marsha Coleman Adebayo Government Transparency and Accountability, Director Democracy
Kali Akuno Secretary of Racial Justice Democracy
Kris Alman Assistant Secretary of Health for Data Privacy General Welfare
Gar Alperovitz New Economy Advisor to the President Economy
Marc Armstrong Secretary of Commerce Economy
Ajamu Baraka Public Intervenor for Human Rights Democracy
Bill Barry Workers Rights Administration, Administrator Economy
Medea Benjamin Secretary of State Foreign Affairs
Roshan Bliss Assistant Secretary of Education for Higher Education Democracy
Leah Bolger Secretary of Defense Foreign Affairs
Steve Breyman Environmental Protection Agency, Administrator Ecology
Mary Bricker-Jenkins Aid to Families and Youth, Director General Welfare
Ellen Brown Secretary of the Treasury Economy
Richard Bruno Assistant Secretary of Health for Medical Education and Training General Welfare
Tom Burmester
Shahid Buttar Civil Rights Enforcement, Director of Justice
Jackie Cabasso Secretary for Nuclear Affairs Ecology
Lee Camp Commissioner for the Comedic Arts General Welfare
Olveen Carrasquillo Assistant Secretary of Health for Health Equity General Welfare
Claudia Chaufan Assistant Secretary of Health for System Design General Welfare
Steve Chrismer Secretary of Transportation General Welfare
David Cobb Commission on Corporations and Democracy, Chair Democracy
Khalilah Collins Public Intervenor for Social Justice General Welfare
Michael Crenshaw People's Culture Bureau, Work Progress Administration General Welfare
Maureen Cruise Assistant Secretary of Health for Community Wellbeing General Welfare
Ronnie Cummins U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Commissioner General Welfare
Tim DeChristopher Emergency Climate Action Coordinator Ecology
King Downing President's Commission on Corrections Reform, Chair Justice
Steve Early Workers Power Administration, Administrator Economy
Mike Ferner National Guard Bureau, Chief Democracy
Robert Fitrakis Federal Elections Commission, Chair Democracy
Margaret Flowers Secretary of Health General Welfare
George Friday Commission on Community Power, Chair Democracy
Bruce Gagnon Secretary of Space Ecology
Jack Gerson Assistant Secretary of Education for K-12 Democracy
Jim Goodman Secretary of Agriculture Ecology
Philip Harvey Full Employment Council, Chair Economy
Howie Hawkins Full Employment Council, Vice Chair Economy
Cheri Honkala Vice President General Welfare
Kimberly King Secretary of Education Democracy
Charles Komanoff Assistant Secretary for Sustainable Urban Transportation General Welfare
Steve Leeper Ambassador of the United States to Japan Foreign Affairs
Bruce Levine Assistant Secretary of Health for Clinical Mental Health General Welfare
Vance "Head-Roc" Levy Poet Laureate General Welfare
Ethel Long-Scott Commission on Women's Power, Co-Chair Democracy
Sarah Manski Small Business Administration, Administrator Economy
Ben Manski Senior Advisor to the President Democracy
George Paz Martin Peace Ambassador Foreign Affairs
Gloria Mattera Assistant Secretary of Health for Public Health Education General Welfare
Richard McIntyre U.S. Trade Representative Economy
David McReynolds Peace Advisor to the President Foreign Affairs
Gloria Meneses Sandoval Secretary of Immigration Justice
Richard Monje Secretary of Labor Economy
Suren Moodliar Global Democracy Programs, Director Democracy
Jim Moran Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Administrator Economy
Shamako Noble Secretary of Culture General Welfare
Carol Paris Assistant Secretary of Health for Mental Health Systems General Welfare
Sandy Perry Secretary of Housing General Welfare
Asher Platts Director
nancy price editor Democracy
Todd Price Assistant Secretary of Education for Education Technology Democracy
Jesselyn Radack National Security and Human Rights Advisor to the President Justice
Jack Rasmus Federal Reserve System, Chairman Economy
Michael Ratner Division of Civil, Social & Economic Rights, Director Justice
Ray Rogers International Labor Rights, Advisor Economy
Anna Rondon Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs General Welfare
Lewis Rosenbaum Public Media Administration, Administrator Democracy
Daniel Shea Veteran's Affairs: Chemical Exposure General Welfare
Diljeet Singh Assistant Secretary of Health for Women's Health and Cancer General Welfare
Alice Slater Secretary of Sustainability Ecology
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap Bureau of Water Preservation, Director Ecology
Jill Stein President Ecology
Robert Stone Assistant Secretary of Health for Emergency and Palliative Care General Welfare
David Swanson Secretary of Peace Foreign Affairs
Sean Sweeney Climate Change Advisor to the President Ecology
Clifford Thornton Drug Policy Agency, Administrator Justice
Brian Tokar Director of the Office of Technology Assessment Ecology
Bruce Trigg Assistant Secretary of Health for Drug Policy General Welfare
Walter Tsou Surgeon General General Welfare
Kabzuag Vaj Commission on Women's Power, Co-Chair Democracy
Stephanie Van Hook Conflict Resolution Service, Director Democracy
Harvey Wasserman Secretary of Energy Ecology
Rich Whitney Office of Management and Budget, Director Economy
Richard D. Wolff Council of Economic Advisors, Chair Economy
Bruce Wright President's Commission on Ending Homelessness, Chair General Welfare
Ann Wright Secretary of State Foreign Affairs
Stephen Zarlenga Monetary Authority Board, Chair Economy
Kevin Zeese Attorney General Justice