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For many modern dog owners, selecting the right dog trainer ranks among the decisions they make concerning their pets. Unfortunately, it is one of the toughest decisions to make. Assuming you already know you need the assistance of a professional dog trainer, you’ve probably encountered many people who claim to offer these services. You should not get fooled but do due diligence to find a trainer who suits your dog. Here are some qualities to look for when choosing a dog trainer.

Qualifications matter. An individual has to possess the necessary knowledge to train a canine friend. That can only be attained when one has formal education – a degree in dog training and canine behavior counseling from a reputed mentor or school.
Progressive methods. A bad dog trainer will abide by harsh training approaches – use of electric collars, prong collars, or choke chains. In addition, he may inflict corporal punishment on your canine friend and intimidate him or her. A good dog trainer will utilize gentle, pet-friendly, and progressive reinforcement methods instead. He will strengthen manners that are endorsed, redirect, and manage conduct issues.
Initial assessment. A good dog trainer will ask the dog possessor several queries related to their dog, focusing on how their canine friend fares in different scenarios. A professional trainer is great at reading pets. If the dog trainer is not able to evaluate your dog’s ability, then you need to seek help elsewhere.
Training plan. Just like school tutors create lesson plans, hard-working pet trainers will also make a plan to teach canine kids. This is done after your dog has been rightly evaluated by the trainer. Dog parents ought to be kept in the loop concerning the plan as well as the progress of their animal. And the plan ought to be flexible.
Your presence is needed. A great dog trainer will never be shy of training your animal in your presence. Ideally, dogs should not get trained in the absence of their owners. But pet owners need to witness the training in order to learn how to train their animals.
Beyond basic commands. Learning basic commands, such as stand, sit, and stay is just the basics of dog training. A canine friend must also be familiarized with obedience training. He must be taught the disparity between bad and good behavior.
Sense of humor. Is it not boring to sit through dull classes? Humor does not only make classes amusing, it also facilitates easy learning. This is true not only for humans but also for animals. Canine friends feel a positive energy. In case the trainer is constantly stern, the dog might get demoralized.
Patience. Every dog has a unique temperament and attitude. If an animal has a slow learning speed, the dog trainer ought to be understanding and never pass his frustration onto the dog. The trainer must be ready to explain recurrently until the animal comprehends. It is a challenge to tame violent dogs; great trainers maintain their cool and never throw in the towel.

Getting the right trainer for your dog needs research. Look for a trainer with the above qualities and all will be well.

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